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Welcome To South African Hindu Maha Sabha

The South African Hindu Maha Sabha was founded in 1912 to create unity among all Hindus in South Africa and promote Hindu Dharma through observing the best principles of the Hindu religion, philosophy, ethics, values and culture according to the highest tenets of Hindu teachings. It is the mission of the  South African Hindu Maha Sabha to work towards the advancement of all members of the Hindu faith among all Hindu linguistic groups in a spirit of respect, unity and brotherhood. 

The Maha Sabha will, in all its undertakings, consistently safeguard the image and dignity of the Organisation and that of all its constituents through the development of knowledge of the Dharma and through effective policies, procedures and roles. The underlying mission of the Maha Sabha is to contribute to good relations between Hindus and all other communities or sectors on local, national and international levels towards sound nation building, based on the fundamental principle of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (the world is one family). The values on which the Maha Sabha bases its activities are selfless service, accountability, respect, fairness, continuous improvement and unity.

Hindu's United Aims to united Hindus in South Africa, Africa and Globally.

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From: Culture Highcom India [ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ]
Subject: Re: Government of India programme on Internships for Indian Diaspora Students

Dear all,

I am happy to share details of Overseas Indian Facilitation Centre (OIFC) regarding OIFC’s India Corporate Internship programme for Indian Diaspora students. OIFC’s India Corporate Internship programme is offering 60 paid short term internship positions for Indian Diaspora/NRI students in Indian companies during summer of 201623 well known Indian corporate entities like Apollo Hospitals, Blue Star, Flipkart, Forbes Marshall, Godrej group of companies, Infosys, Kirlosker Brothers, TATA group of companies, Wipro, etc. are participating in the India Corporate Internship programme.

During the internship, the Indian Diaspora/NRI students will receive a stipend per month and most companies have also offered safe and comfortable accommodation in the city where the intern will be placed. Internship positions are being offered in major Indian cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, etc.

The programme offers an opportunity for students of Indian origin to learn from the stalwarts of the Indian industry, work in a multicultural environment and re-connect with their roots in India. It will be a chance for the Diaspora  students to enhance their profiles by working on challenging projects in diverse sectors like Aerodynamics, Automotive, Financial services, Healthcare, Incubation centres for Indian start-ups, IT (software & services), Manufacturing (heavy engineering, consumer durables, infrastructure, etc) Power (distribution & systems) Retail & e-commerce, Social Enterprises, etc.

Students can apply for the internships through the OIFC website www.oifc.in

More details about the programme and the participating companies can be obtained from the programme brochure at http://www.oifc.in/internship-brochure-0

We seek your help in spreading the message widely and promoting the initiative among the Indian Diaspora in South Africa.  The flyer about the India Corporate Internship Programme is attached.

With kind regards,

Hitesh Rajpal

First Secretary (Political, Commercial & Cultural),

High Commission of India,

Pretoria (South Africa)

Tel: +27-12 342 5399 / Fax: +27-12 342 5310


 mantrasanskrit  mantratranslation


Namaste Vanakkam Namaskaram
As you are aware the Priest accreditation process initiated by the South African Hindu Maha Sabha is now well advanced.
There were three major workshops held in the Maha Sabha auditorium in July, August and September that were presided over by the HWSETA, the Government Body charged with the formulation of qualifications in the religious sector. These workshops engaged all present in intense discussion on the formulation of the curriculum for the Priest Qualification. These workshops were attended by individuals and organizations across the linguistic, ideological and geographic spectrum of the South African Hindu society.
Much progress was made that resulted in the ‘Final Curriculum – Hindu Priest’ document that is attached
Please peruse through the document and forward any comments you may have to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 10th October 2015. Thereafter the document will be forwarded for finalization.



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Bhagavad Gita As It Is - Chapter 15 Text 17
uttamah purusas tv anyah
paramatmety udahrtah
yo loka-trayam avisya
bibharty avyaya isvarah


uttamah--the best; purusah--personality; tu--but; anyah--another; parama--the supreme; atma--self; iti--thus; udahrtah--is said; yah--who; loka--of the universe; trayam--the three divisions; avisya--entering; bibharti--is maintaining; avyayah--inexhaustible; isvarah--the Lord.




Besides these two, there is the greatest living personality, the Supreme Soul, the imperishable Lord Himself, who has entered the three worlds and is maintaining them.



The idea of this verse is very nicely expressed in the Katha Upanisad (2.2.13) and Svetasvatara Upanisad (6.13). It is clearly stated there that above the innumerable living entities, some of whom are conditioned and some of whom are liberated, there is the Supreme Personality, who is Paramatma. The Upanisadic verse runs as follows: nityo nityanam cetanas cetananam. The purport is that amongst all the living entities, both conditioned and liberated, there is one supreme living personality, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who maintains them and gives them all the facility of enjoyment according to different work. That Supreme Personality of Godhead is situated in everyone's heart as Paramatma. A wise man who can understand Him is eligible to attain perfect peace, not others




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